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        About us

        LinQing HUAXU Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Bearings for various segments ranging from Automobiles to Industrial Machinery in ShanDong Province.Since its establishment in 2000, we create customer satisfaction through quality, competitive bearing products and our extensive regional distribution network. It has been one of the leading companies to export bearings to markets all over the world.By implementing, modernized technology with ethical business principles, we have carved avaluable niche in the worldwide markets, future establishing ourselves as an unmatchedmanufacturer, exporter, imp...

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        Timken LM104949/LM104911 taper roller bearing

        Model:LM104949/LM104911 PriceRange:2usd-10usd ProductStandard: Learn more >>

        GT 30*60*37mm DAC3060372RS/633313/633313C/663095 Auto wheel hub bearing

        Model:30*60*37mm DAC3060372RS/633313/633313C/663095 PriceRange:2.5usd-10.0usd ProductStandard: Learn more >>

        Bear Max wheel hub bearing 30*60*37mm auto wheel hub bearing

        Model:30*60*37mm PriceRange:2.5usd-10.0usd ProductStandard: Learn more >>


        E-mail:dhxbbearing@foxmail.comAddress:panzhuang bearing Industrial Park , Liaocheng City, ShanDong Province, China

        Copyright @ Linqing huaxu bearing Co.,Ltd

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